You may not know it yet, but between his DJing, production, songwriting, performances and film/tv scoring, you've probably already heard the work of Canadian artist iDR.


Born in Kenya, iDR (Denzil Remedios) was raised in a talented family surrounded by all kinds of music ranging from  African songs to American pop music.  His father, a guitar player and singer, began putting iDR in bands and choirs from the early age of 6.  iDR taught himself to play drums and piano before he was 10 and later taught himself to play guitar and bass as well.  His family moved to Canada when he was still a young boy and this is where he realized his dream for music.  Since then iDR has toured, performed, written and produced for some of the world's most famous artists, record labels, companies, tv shows and movies.


iDR has performed at half time shows for the NBA, played the world's stages from New York to Seoul, dropping unique sets at clubs and events around the globe.  All this while still penning smashes for some of the biggest artists including TPain, Tynisha Keli, U-Kiss, Hyori Lee, Super Junior and most recently on Exo's album "XOXO" which has already sold over 1.2 million copies world-wide.  His film/tv credits include The Oprah Winfrey Show, American Idol, The Voice, The World According to Paris, Beverly Hills, 90210, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Love and Hip Hop, and NFL Football.


On stage iDR doesn't perform a show, he performs a unique experience.  What he imagines and creates in the studio he brings to life on stage.  Watch this multi-talented artist emerge as he chops up samples on his APC while throwing down synth lines, vocals and drum triggers live all in one captivating set.  Meet the next generation of DJs, meet iDR.

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